New Tournament starts soon... 

Next tournament starts from 3rd June. Registration starts from today and will be open until 1st of June. Rules and Groupings are published. Please refer to it. 

For Grouping, please refer to 


Tournament Rules & Format:





Each team can register a maximum of 30 players including multi-team players.

New teams:

All the teams who are newly added into next tournament i.e., new teams need to send email the complete list of 30 players in the registration form. Refer below how to fill up the form and how to register players.


Existing teams:

All the teams who played in the current tournament i.e., existing teams, please only send changes to your current team. Meaning only the players to be added or to be removed from your team. Do not send the complete player list. 

Players to be removed mark them in red, players to be added mark them in green.


Registration details: 

Each team needs to fill up the team registration form with player details. If the player does not have Cricclub ID then the player needs to be registered before sending the form. 

 Follow below steps and complete the registration.

Step 1: 

Download Team registration form: https://bit.ly/3M1kRPq 

Step 2: 

Fill up the above team registration form.

Step 3:

If your player already has a CricClub ID then you can skip this step. If any player does not have CricClub ID then please complete the player registration first before and update the team registration form with CricClub ID of the player.   

Even after the player is registered, the player needs to be approved. It will be done based on the team registration form sent.

Player registration link


Select your division and team name along with Player details. This player email ID must match with registration form details.


Step 4:

Please send email with your changes to sclsgcricket@gmail.com after filling the above format.


Please do not modify the registration form. Please keep all the columns as is when you fill it up. If you modify it, Your team will not be updated.


Multi-team Player

Each team is allowed to add/loan 2 players from Saturday / Sunday group Teams.  

The player to be added cannot be playing from same day groups.

If you are playing Saturday, then you can't include players playing in Saturday groups.  Similarly Sunday teams cant include any player playing in Sunday groups. 

Please do not include multi-team players in the above registration form. Only update the below form alone. 

Please refer to the link below to update multi-team players.


Please note multi-team players will be added to your team separately on June 2nd only.

Registration closes on 1st of June and any changes will be frozen after that. 

No more changes will be allowed for this tournament after that (even though you do not have any matches this weekend).

Please do not come with changes after that. Please cater for players going on vacation and update your team accordingly.


Also please don't send me messages on WhatsApp. 🙏Send me all your queries in email only.


SSCL CricClubs website 



SCCL Website



Please download the CricClubs app from the

Appstore ( https://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/cricclubs/id978682715?mt=8) or

Play store ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cricclubs)


Registration has to be completed before the start of the tournament 

For any support only send mail to sclsgcricket@gmail.com. No WhatsApp Strictly.

Refer to dedicated Registration page for details 

Registration Details 

SCL Update 22-Apr-23 

SCG woke up to a beautiful morning, but tension was palpable for many teams as the knockout round draws near. With 10-11 teams vying for a slot in the top, most were focused on playing matches rather than worrying about the rain. 

Yesterday, the 7:30 AM winners, Indeco Ilampuyal, and Singa Smasher, emerged victorious and made it to the top, while KALA, the winner of pitch2, maintained their 6th position, despite having the most washouts among SCG. 

After a two-month break, I got the chance to bowl three overs and took a wicket, which was satisfactory. Sagar Pathak was awarded Player of the Match for his all-around performance for KALA. The 9:30 AM winners, Team One, Aryans, and Rising Star, also maintained their knock-out status. 

At noon, Royal Strikers broke CricSpyders and leapt into the top seven for the first time, but rains interrupted the game at 2 PM. SG Blasters and United Dynamites and Cool Blue vs. RB Royals had to stop, which dashed some hopes. Nonetheless, SG Blasters maintained their perfect record with no washed-out matches. 

While I was on the ground between 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, I met Linson of Tuskers, who is migrating to Canada and flying out tonight. I gave him a SCG hat as a send-off gift, and just as he received it, showers came down as a blessing, but the rains continued accompanied by thunderbolts. All teams rushed off the field, but Linson and Tuskers, like Deepan of Gillies, have had 2:15 PM matches washed out. However, the rain stopped suddenly, and Tuskers and Gillies won their games, maintaining their chance of progressing. 

I noticed that all the captains of Tuskers so far have migrated overseas and are in different parts of the world, and all have been successful.

 While running to escape the sudden downpour, Deepan exclaimed, "This is our 4th match that was going to be called off," but it went the other way, and they beat the resurgent Citi champs. 

Master Blaster, after a long journey in their first edition, finally tasted victory on their 11th try, and I'm sure they celebrated it heartily. This is the hope that sports give us. We should keep trying, and we will eventually get the win we are looking for. All the best to the Master Blasters.

By Shaji..